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Atomic Time 3001 PC Sound Alarm Cuckoo Clock
Software::Desktop Enhancements

Atomic Time Machine 3001 - The Ultimate Computer Time Piece. This Computer Clock Software will adjust your computer's time to Atomic Time from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado. It has an Alarm with many cool sounds to chose from, it has an hourly chime which you pick the sound, from cuckoo or grandfather style to animals, people, or nature sounds. Also, 300 different sounds to chose from. And, check time anywhere in the world. And, get a soothing Mood Music player right on your computer. This time piece is great for young and old. Turn your computer into an atomic time machine. ORDER NOW!!! Atomic Time Machine 3001 turns your PC into an Atomic, World, Cuckoo, Grandfather, Alarm Clock with over 300 sounds, 13 screen savers, an 44 sound Mood Music Player.